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CottASSIST is a group of web tools designed to deliver the latest cotton research and integrate up-to-date information and assist with cotton management decisions.  These web tools are mainly for use by growers and consultants within the cotton industry, although can be used by anyone interested in cotton production.

Whats New .....
Crop Development - NEW Node Development chart showing NAWF Cutout and Last Effective Flower Date (Aug 2015)
Silverleaf Whitefly - Updated Matrix and Thresholds to reflect latest information for Late Season Silverleaf Whitefly management (Apr 2015)
Micronaire - Predictions modified to use a Date for First Flower instead of the Day Degrees target 777; where date has been saved against crop (Crop Status) (Mar 2015)
Micronaire - Predictions for a crop have been modified to include estimated Neps, based on 0, 1 or 2 Lint Cleaners (Jan 2015)
NutriLOGIC Soil - NEW Nitrate Analysis now calculates recommendations allowing for Expected Yield (Aug 2014)

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